Transparency, Technology and Service

DriveTrain Oz is a respected Australian automotive parts supplier that focusing on online sales

DToz is a proudly Australian based supplier specialising in gearbox and diff components. We are valued as a reliable drivetrain solution partner, specialising in the distribution of gearbox, diff and allied components. DToz products are of the highest quality from reputable International brands. We have also developed a user-friendly online shop to enhance your shopping experience where we are open to the public as well as verified trade customers can login to obtain discounts and promotions.

We utilises the expertise and experience of 3PL logistic services for deliveries to our customers creating an efficient distribution platform. Our 3PL hosts have a national footprint and would be able to stock goods in multiple warehouses if the need arises to better service our clients

Our CEO, Warren Wolman, has over 20 years of experience dealing with automotive OEM and the highest quality aftermarket manufacturers around the world.

Our team has an in-depth knowledge and technical understanding of motor vehicle parts having supplied workshops, fitment centres and retail environments over the decades.

Strong relationships (established over many years) with leading international suppliers of both branded and generic automotive parts gives us the advantage to be first to market with new product development.

We are highly respected and regarded in the automotive industry with an extensive global network.

We strive to service clients and use our combined skills in strategic planning, procurement, marketing and sales, product development, footprint expansion, operations & logistics and a strong understanding of e-Commerce sales platforms.

Long-term Strategy

DriveTrain Oz wishes to establish a long-term sustainable business in the automotive market, focusing on servicing the Australian car park with high quality aftermarket components, specialising in medium duty truck transmission and differential and allied components.