Fuchs Coolant Maintain Fricofin DP Premix 5 litre Pink Euro Spec
Fuchs Coolant Maintain Fricofin DP Premix 5 litre Pink Euro Spec
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Oil description

Fuchs Coolant Maintain Fricofin DP Premix 5 litre

Ultra High Performance Coolant Additive based on monoethylene glycol. Free from nitrite, amine and phosphate. Product dyeing: pink-violet

Around the clock reliability

At any temperature The FUCHS MAINTAIN range of workshop and service products is a comprehensive portfolio of coolants, brake fluids and fuel additives. These offer your vehicle optimum protection at all times. MAINTAIN products match with nearly every vehicle type and offer the best possible protection together with the latest technology Antifreeze.

For reliable protection at any time of the year Antifreeze must meet many requirements, as an average of around 150 liters of coolant are pumped through the cooling circuit of a typical passenger vehicle every minute. One third of the heat generated during combustion is dissipated into the atmosphere via the coolant. The coolant itself passes over more than 100 different materials and must be compatible with all of these. Only premium products like the MAINTAIN FRICOFIN range offer certified safety and are capable of fulfilling all tasks and requirements expected of modern antifreeze, such as:

  • Antifreeze, i.e. reliable prevention of liquids freezing, even at extremely low temperatures.
  • Protection from soiling/deposits to keep the entire cooling circuit working properly in the long term.
  • Protection from overheating, for example if sufficient heat dissipation is no longer guaranteed due to soiling deposits.
  • Protection from aging and oxidation, so that the protective effect of the coolant remains intact throughout the entire duration of the respective service interval. Particularly important:
  • Corrosion protection to reliably eliminate the risk of damage to any metallic materials in the cooling circuit, such as cast iron, cast aluminium, steel and brass.

Without proper coolant, the cooling system provides ideal conditions for corrosion thanks to its high temperatures and large volume of water. Deep rust spots/pitting can occur in the metal, potentially causing the coolant pump or the entire cooling system to fail. This can ultimately lead to extremely costly engine damage.

The MAINTAIN FRICOFIN range of coolants reliably prevents corrosion. The key components here are so-called corrosion inhibitors. They bond with the metals in the cooling system and form a wafer thin, yet extremely strong protective layer on their surface


  • AFNOR NF R 15-601 TYPE 1
  • AS/ANZ 2108:2004 TYPE A
  • ASTM D 3306 TYPE I
  • ASTM D 4985
  • BS 6580:2010
  • SAE J814
  • CUMMINS CES 14603


  • MAN 324 TYPE Si-OAT
  • MB-APPROVAL 325.5


  • SCANIA TB 1451
  • VW TL 774-G (G12++)

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