Fuchs Titan SYN SN SAE 10W-40 5LT Pack High Performance Engine Oil
Fuchs Titan SYN SN SAE 10W-40 5LT Pack High Performance Engine Oil
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Oil description

Fuchs Titan SYN SN SAE 10W-40 5LT Pack High Performance Engine Oil


TITAN SYN SN SAE 10W-40 is a high performance, all season, SAE 10W-40 fueleconomy engine oil. For normally aspirated and turbocharged cars and vans with gasoline and diesel engines. Meets the following performance requirements. ACEA A3/B3/B4 API SN/CF


Miscible with all mineral and synthetic oil, therefore no flushing is required. In order to obtain the full benefits of TITAN SYN SN SAE 10W-40 please drain and refill the system with TITAN SYN SN SAE 10W-40.


• A stay-in grade lubricant, which maintains its wear protection and fuel economy characteristics even in the most severe conditions

• Superior performance when compared to API SM and SL lubricants, particularly in the areas of oil consumption, fuel economy, high temperatures, deposit control and oxidation

• Absolute minimum oil consumption due to lowest possible evaporation losses due to the quality of the base oil

• Compatible with all gaskets and seals

• Easier cold starting because of shorter oiling time, which means reliable lubrication of all friction points after starting.

• For use in normally aspirated and turbocharged gasoline and light duty diesel engines such as diesel powered passenger cars and light vans. Special oils for turbodiesel engines are no longer necessary

• Low maintenance costs. The excellent long life characteristics of this oil allows oil change intervals to be extended. This reduces downtime, waste oil and filter disposal costs.

• No loss of performance as a result of unwanted deposits in cylinders, on pistons, valves, spark plugs and in turbochargers

• Protects against sludging

• Rationalisation of grades and containers - TITAN SYN SN SAE 10W-40 can be used if the following SAE grades are specified: SAE 5W-40 / SAE 10W-40 / SAE 15W-40 / SAE 20W-40



• ACEA A3/B3/B4

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